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Bolster Operational Continuity with CPaaS


With breaking news updates, stock market alerts, and alarming public health announcements, there is a lot to manage for enterprise leaders. Our new reality has changed everything for businesses, from employees now working completely from home to an increase in customer support calls. Many business leaders need to quickly adjust their communication strategy to keep up with this rapidly changing situation, while also contemplating how to maintain the same level of customer support and productivity among their employees who may directly or indirectly be affected by the current situation. Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) capabilities help ease the strain on resources with automation while outbound omni-channel notifications keep employees and customers in the loop. CPaaS enables entire organizations to communicate and collaborate effectively while minimizing risks to health and safety.

Stay Cool Under Customer Demand

In our current situation, it’s likely to see customer support agents overwhelmed by the increase in call volume or maintaining the same level of service with decreased staffing resources. With so many callers looking for the same information you run the risk of delivering a less than optimal customer experience for people waiting in a queue to take care of time-sensitive issues. By adding solutions like automated workflows, self-service channels, and chatbots, businesses can maintain a high level of customer support. Set up a flow to automatically collect customer information without them ever speaking to an agent. Streamline processes with call automation by offering self-service options on the channel of their choice for things like balance checks, bill payment, or to hear product information. Build a chatbot to address the easier questions and forward more complex ones on to an agent.

Proactively notify customers who opt-in for SMS notifications about measures you’re taking to keep them safe or changes in operations, like how you’re moving to curbside pick-up. Automation and self-service are modernizing the way we communicate and transforming how businesses interact with their audience – be it voice, SMS, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp. While customers may be practicing social distancing, that doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected and continue providing excellent service.

Create Operational Continuity

Whether it’s Coronavirus, hurricanes, or other events, maintaining business continuity is critical to a company’s success. With many companies having limited or no business continuity plans in place, CPaaS offers an innovative, flexible, and scalable solution for unforeseen situations. It’s important to proactively communicate and keep your remote employees and customers in the loop. Automate notifications by setting up a campaign to share the latest, most accurate information with just a few swipes and clicks. Keep your employees informed of policy changes or send a motivational note via automated messages. Provide any isolated employees the opportunity to perform offline work and to participate in online training to limit productivity loss. By adding self-service options and automated workflows you can eliminate manual processes and start connecting with your employees on channels they know and trust.

Add Atmosphere® CPaaS to keep up

We recognize this ever-changing work environment brings new challenges, such as keeping customers engaged, managing remote employees, and ensuring productivity. Atmosphere® CPaaS is here to lend a hand with a full suite of communication tools. Use Atmosphere® Engage to set up outbound notification campaigns.  Automate processes and streamline communications routing with Atmosphere® SmartFlows. View call volume and usage and better manage resources with Atmosphere® Insights. Atmosphere® CPaaS was built for enterprise users whether technical or non-technical so it’s easy to get started but we’re here to help you with whatever you need!

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(Source: Our thanks to Dustin Gordon and IntelePeer for sharing this blog.)

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