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Discover the benefits of working with a supplier neutral telecom & IT agent who truly works to make things simple.

Welcome to Symplicity

We specialize in:
Technology Expense Management

Technology expenses can be complicated to manage because accounting pays the invoices and technical department negotiates the agreements. Rarely does either really look at or understand the invoices to see if they are billing correctly or reflect the negotiated rates. At Symplicity, we use our Symplify Inventory Management System to help clients with visibility into their spend and allows for Consolidation, Reduction and Elimination of invoices and services resulting optimization of costs.

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Engineering and Design Managed Services

In today’s connected world, your business depends on fast, reliable network solutions to keep everything from mission-critical cloud applications to hosted phone services up and running. For most, the seemingly endless options are overwhelming, making the process of choosing the best connectivity solutions difficult and painful. We can help you navigate the world of network services and find solutions that keep your network operating a peak efficiency.

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Project Board

Technology changes...

How we treat clients never will.

We're a technology partner that acts like a business partner, a consultant that treats you like a friend. We always do the right thing for your business, even when no one's looking. We don’t cut corners, act like robots, or check out when our clients need us. We work hard to create opportunities for you and your business to thrive. Sometimes that runs up our coffee budget, but we're okay with that.

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What We do

Here's a bit about what we believe in:

We believe you shouldn’t be bound by limited choices or force-fed technology.


We give you the power to make strategic technology decisions resulting in positive outcomes.


We eliminate the complexity of implementing new technology – and help manage it with ease.


We bring simpler, scalable, and more capable solutions to your technology strategy.

Peace of Mind

We'll take a lot off your plate. We make accomplishing your goals pain-free with experienced and determined people who care about your success.

Who we are

Meet our team

Always do the right thing, even when no one is looking.
I founded Symplicity Communications in 2007 to help people avoid misleading sales practices during telecom purchases. By bringing respect, clarity and flexibility to the process, we help clients find peace of mind in a complex market. My Midwestern values drive how I do business and select the team that makes Symplicity special. I love this industry and serve as a Co-chair for Inforum Michigan’s TechnologyNEXT program for women in technology.

Catherine (Lazarock) Behrenbrinker
President and CEO

Erica Sella
Sales Administrator

More than two decades in the Marine Corps has taught me a proper sense of urgency and understanding.
From deploying over 800 military personnel overseas to raising my twin daughters, I value the importance of understanding problems from the other person’s perspective. My priority is to take what I’ve learned over the years to help our clients, vendors and co-workers to achieve their goals.

Victor Zuniga
Technology Advisor

Why choose Us

Here's how we’re different

Work with client and carrier throughout provisioning and turn up to ensure a smooth transition to new services.

Post Implementation

Assist in disconnecting services from previous provider and moving all processes into new services.

Roadmap Creation

Develop a strategy for improving and implementing technologies for current and future business needs.

Bill Review

In-depth comparison of quoted pricing and bills to identify any billing errors and work with carrier on corrections.

Evaluation and Research

Identify unique business challenges, evaluate potential technologies, research success criteria.

Customer Service

Assist client with any service disruptions or outages that may occur throughout the life of the contract.

Symplicity is a partner, not a vendor

Our approach to your business is unlike any other. We take the time to get to know your business, understand your needs, and help you develop a technology strategy that is unique to your business.

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  • People Proud to build a team that is Hungry, Humble and Smart.
  • Process Built on process, Focused on continuous improvement!
  • Passion Partnering with Clients to Design Excellent Client Experiences!
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What we offer

This is our passion
Symplicity isn’t just another technology consultancy. We’ve built our entire business around our desire to strategically match the latest technology solutions to businesses like yours.
Technology Expense Management
Technology Expense Management

Take a deeper look into your telecom spend and uncover underutilized assets and cost savings opportunities for telecom services throughout your business.

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Connectivity or Network Services
Connectivity or Network Services

Build reliable and secure network connections to support your business cloud, telecom, and mobility solutions at all of your business locations.

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Migrate your business to the cloud with private, public, or hybrid solutions that help you minimize costs and better manage your IT infrastructure.

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Unified Communications
Unified Communications

Streamline your business communications with more flexible voice, video, and business application solutions that empower your entire workforce.

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Safeguard your business with improved security solutions designed to keep you protected from the data center all the way to the WAN/LAN.

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Our Partners

Service Providers we believe in

When you work with Symplicity, you get access to best-in-class technology and service providers and a full portfolio of solutions they offer. Here are just a few.


What our clients saying about us

"Symplicity has really allowed us to decrease our time spent on telecommunication problems. This includes billing problems, repair problems, and new services. We no longer wait endlessly on hold with a customer service representative every time we need something resolved. We now make one call to Symplicity and wait for a resolution. This allows us to spend more time working with our patients and our business needs.”

Cheri Medical Facility

“After working with Catherine and her team over the years, and having her as a resource, I find myself more confident in understanding today’s voice and data administration. We’ve truly benefitted with the energetic knowledge of Symplicity.”

James Construction Industry

“Symplicity was a tremendous asset assisting us with our new phone system, both the quality of the product and especially their experience and technical training. Symplicity employees have gone above and beyond to ensure that our transition went smoothly, and they continue to support as needed.”

Judy Professional Networking & Educational Organization

“Catherine runs a class act company with the best continual followup. Two years after the sale of our phone system. Symplicity is still following up. You do not see that a lot in this field.”

Fred Industrial Coating Services

“I have worked with Symplicity for over two years and greatly appreciate the hard work and integrity of the entire team. Their exceptional services have been so valuable to our business. They work diligently to correct billing errors, saving us time and money, at no cost to us!”

Gretchen Engineering

“I highly recommend Symplicity. We hired them for our new phone system. They delivered beyond exceptional customer service from the very start of our project, to the very end and even after our system was installed.”

Jami Technology Industry

"We have greatly benefited from our relationship with Symplicity. They take the time to understand our business and recommend products that are a good fit. We now have the best combination of equipment and carriers seen in my fifteen years on the job. The savings achieved while maintaining or improving the level of service has been amazing!”

John Distribution Industry

"A thoughtful technology company that runs their business the old-fashioned way... by working hard to ‘earn’ both your trust & your business."

Mike Technology Industry