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How to Reduce Telecom Expenses With Technology Expense Management

Calculating Technology Expenses

It’s one thing to be charged with managing all your organization’s technology solutions and vendors. It’s another to have to do that on top of finding ways to reduce spending. Those 15-page telecom bills don’t make it easy to keep track of where your money is going, and – unfortunately – they’re designed to obfuscate your expenses. Add your growing cloud solution usage and other IT vendors to the list, and you’ve got a perfect storm of expense confusion.

If this problem sounds familiar, it’s time to explore technology expense management. Read on to learn how you can reduce telecom expenses for your organization with this service. 

Gain Visibility Into Technology Expenditure

Technology expense management provides a way to take control of your technology expenses – especially as your organization grows by adding solutions, mobile devices, and remote workers. You’ll expose charges you never authorized and errors that incur needless fees. You’ll also be able to recover overcharge credits faster. No matter how many locations or geo-dispersed employees you have, your invoices will be clean and clear.

Improve Financial Health

With such visibility and control into your technology spending, you’ll be able to better plan for new solutions or upgrading existing ones. You’ll leverage accurate reporting with data-driven analysis that helps you see areas that deserve investment and how solutions are providing value.

Optimize Operations and Spending

Technology expense management reduces the time and resources spent on wrangling invoices and dealing with vendor disputes. With that time back, you’ll manage inventory and service ordering more efficiently and leverage increased buying power to get the best pricing from providers. 

These Three Steps Reduce Telecom Expenses 

Symplicity takes a unique approach to managing telecom expenses. 


In this first step, we consolidate your vendors, invoices, and contracts to deliver clarity and visibility. Symplicity helps you select technology providers that offer all-in-one solutions that support your cost-cutting initiatives. By reducing the number of vendors you work with, you’ll gain better insight into the value of your solutions. With this new data, you can properly evaluate what is providing return on investment and which solutions to forgo.


Technology expense management also reduces the number of invoices you receive. Using portals that pull invoices directly from your providers, we’ll help you automate the allocations and approval process to streamline invoicing for both IT and accounting. Both departments will spend less time on invoicing – reducing labor expenses as well.


Ultimately, Symplicity’s process ends in eliminating services you’re paying for but not using. As we inventory services by business location, we inevitably discover solutions that can either be upgraded for better performance or cut altogether. In either case, you get more value out of every dollar and reduce telecom expenses by only paying for what you use.

Save Not Just Money but Time and Headaches 

The good news is that implementing a technology expense management service takes little time and effort. Contact Symplicity to discover how easy and painless it can be to streamline your entire technology stack. As your partner for long-term growth, we’ll help you save your business money and yourself the daily burden of deciphering telecom bills. 

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