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The world of IT & telecom has been turned on its head.

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It’s no secret that communications technology continues to evolve at a whirlwind pace. The recent rise of the mobile workforce and business demands for more integrated, secure solutions is forcing businesses like yours to reevaluate their existing communications systems.

This evolution, coupled with a vast array of technology choices and vendors, makes it virtually impossible for IT departments and business owners to navigate the ever-changing landscape of telecom and IT with total confidence. For many, they just don’t know where to start.


Enter Symplicity Communications.

Your trusted expert in the new world of business technology.

At Symplicity Communications, we aim to make choosing technology for your business simple. Unlike some in our industry, we’re not driven by the “promotion of the day” or products with the best commission rates from service providers. Instead, we view each client as a long-term relationship that is built on trust, transparency, and loyalty.

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  • People Proud to build a team that is Hungry, Humble and Smart.
  • Process Built on process, Focused on continuous improvement!
  • Passion Partnering with Clients to Design Excellent Client Experiences!
Our sole focus is on your business

We cherish the opportunity to foster a relationship in which we help you solve even your most complex business challenges and achieve success. This is the reason we come to work everyday.

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How do we do that?

The secret to your success is in the fabric of our business.

It’s always nice to know that someone has your back, and our team is that someone. We are like a family, and like any family, we are made up of a group of unique individuals with endless talents. We work tirelessly, and we don’t check out at closing time. We strive to translate even the most complex technical details into simple language. If we can’t solve the challenge you are having, you can rest assured that we will find someone who can.

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We’ve been around long enough to know that one solution doesn’t fit every client. Armed with this knowledge, we’ve developed a tried and true process that allows us to work strategically with you to design a communications solution that is perfectly suited for your business. Grounded in our principles and values, our process extends beyond where typical vendors end, taking you all the way through post-implementation.

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While business communications and vendors have changed over the years, Symplicity’s unwavering desire to be your trusted expert will always remain. We are passionate about technology, dedicating our time to staying in front of the latest and greatest solutions for today and the future. This passion is the driving force behind helping you achieve success.

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