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Catherine (Lazarock) Behrenbrinker
President and CEO

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We’ve carefully built a friendly, highly-experienced group that
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Sales and Marketing Team

Honesty, Integrity and Understanding
I come to Symplicity with over 20 years of experience within the sales industry. To be successful, you need to actively listen to your clients, to understand their problems and work with them to find solutions that benefit their teams and company.

Dawn Overway
Director of Sales

More than two decades in the Marine Corps has taught me a proper sense of urgency and understanding.
From deploying over 800 military personnel overseas to raising my twin daughters, I value the importance of understanding problems from the other person’s perspective. My priority is to take what I’ve learned over the years to help our clients, vendors and co-workers to achieve their goals.

Victor Zuniga
Technology Advisor

Treat others the way you want to be treated.
I love working for Symplicity because of the family-like atmosphere that you feel when talking to anyone on the team. We treat our employees like family, and we strive to have those kinds of relationships with our clients as well because everyone deserves to be treated with care and respect.

Jameson Bardowski
Technology Advisor

“Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.”
As a recent college graduate, I still have a lot to learn. I am ready to work hard and create the best environment for both my clients and me to succeed. If I can continually learn to support my clients better, I will consider myself successful!

Jacob Battani
Technology Advisor

Building Relationships
My life is all about building relationships, not just a superficial level, but deep relationships. This translates into business where I truly care about delighting my clients. Their success is my success. I would love to build a relationship with you!

Justin Acosta
Technology Advisor

Acting with honesty and integrity to build trust.
I was labeled a professional relationship builder by my former colleagues. I pride myself on building long standing relationships with my clients and act as their consultant.

Aarien Johnson
Technology Advisor

Consistency, Accuracy, Reliability
I come to Symplicity with over 5 years of sales and administrative support experience. By working behind the scenes to improve workflows, I aim to free up our Technology Advisors, allowing them to focus more of their time to find ways to delight our clients.

Paul Menn
Sale Administrator

Helping others.
Everything I do is in an effort to help others. Whether assisting our hardworking sales and engineering team, our dedicated operations team, or nurturing relationships with our valued clients and service providers, I am here to help make your life a little easier! With a background in marketing, extensive international experience, and a passion for empowering people, I cannot wait to find new ways to delight my colleagues and our customers.

Angela Treptow
Director of Marketing

Lovable, playful, and sure to make you smile. That's our Finnegan! This sweet boy loves his Symplicity family, a good game of chase, and the occasional leather shoe.

Chief Mischief Maker

Engineering Team

I want clients to breathe easy.
There's no sense in connecting people to technology if it doesn't ultimately reduce headaches. I work hard to learn every aspect of our clients’ situation, ensuring that the real obstacles to their business outcomes are removed as strategically as possible. Even with 16 years of experience, I never assume I've seen it all. Each client is different and deserves to have their unique preferences and pain points at the center of a tech solution, not the other way round.

Brandon Burchard
Technical Solutions Engineer

I'm here to help you get where you want to go.
Having been an IT customer for over 25 years, I know the pains and pitfalls of getting things done on a budget, often with little or no help. That’s why you can count on me. You don’t need to struggle and guess. I am here to listen to your story and lend a helping hand. Together we can figure out how to get you where you want to go.

David Dykema
Microsoft & Technical Solutions Engineer

Symplicity truly is a family, and we’d love to help take care of you as one of our family members.
I come from a very strong sales background that was driven by monetary gain over finding the right solution. I knew right away that Symplicity was different. We help our client find the right solution, sometimes even with other companies. We are driven by the core values to Delight The Customer and Make IT Symple. As the Client Services Rep, my job is to help show you how fun and easy IT can be. So hop on the Symplicity train, we’re excited for our next tech adventure with you.

Andrew Thompson
Client Services/Admistrative Coordinator

Operations Team

Integrity and reliability are the cornerstone principles that I operate by.
I joined the Symplicity Communications team in January 2020. I bring 25 years of office manager and sales coordinator experience to the fast-paced, technical world of technology. I am also the mom of four determined daughters who keep me on my toes. My goal is to lead by example, and I’m willing to roll up my sleeves and tackle whatever needs to be done. I want our clients, partners and teammates to feel confident that I have their back and that they can count on me to do what it takes to resolve issues and support their objectives.

Renee Velderman
Director of Operations

Caring about others gets you everywhere.
My husband AJ and our wonderful children keep me grounded and inspire me to be a positive force in the world. When I’m at work, I give co-workers and clients the same attention I’d give my family, making sure that the faith they put in me is rewarded. I keep a close eye on their projects and work hard to ensure that they’re safe in my hands. The atmosphere at Symplicity energizes me — It’s like working with family.

Britney Hayden
Administrative Coordinator

I strive to work hard and maintain a positive attitude in everything that I do. After earning my bachelor’s degree in Communication at Michigan State University, I entered the telecommunications world to explore my interest in technology trends and my passion for helping others. At Symplicity Communications, I’m able to do both of those things. I focus on seeking opportunities for cost reduction and technology advancement, as well as creating positive relationships with our clients as I help them overcome their obstacles.

Hannah Moore
Administrative Coordinator

I love to help people and am driven by knowing that the work I am doing makes a difference.
Whether that be through saving our clients’ money or simply making their telecom needs easier and more stress free, I know that I can help others. At Symplicity, we are a family who looks out for one another and will always lift each other up. We work hard each day to delight our clients and each other.

Jenna Kleinrichert
Administrative Coordinator

We all deal with enough frustrations in our day-to-day life. Let me handle yours.
Here at Symplicity, we want things to go smoothly and effortlessly from your perspective, and we strive to handle any headaches on your behalf. I pride myself on both my efficiency and proficiency when it comes to serving a client, and I’ll work tirelessly to make Telecom work for you.

Nate Dingeman
Administrative Coordinator

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