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Discover the benefits of working with a supplier-neutral telecom & IT agent who truly works to make things simple.


Are you overwhelmed by the number of technology vendors you’re managing and coordinating on a daily basis?

We partner with industry-leading security, UCaas, CCaas, telecommunications, and network hardware/software vendors so you only have to work with one partner; Symplicity Communications. Consider us your technology analyst.

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Are you sure you’re getting the best deal from your technology providers?

If you’ve spent time trying to figure out your technology invoices only to find yourself stuck in an endless loop of support and sales emails, you’re not alone. We are experts in analyzing your invoices across vendors, making sure you’re getting the best possible rates based on your usage and number of locations, and not paying duplicate fees for overlapping services that more than one vendor may provide. We call it TEM: Technology Expense Management.

Do you have more than 20 telecom invoices?

If you have multiple locations across a broad geography, you likely have quite a few different carriers for telecommunications. Understanding one telecom invoice can be daunting much less having to deal with different carriers’ plans and invoices. We’ve condensed hundreds of invoices for our clients, making it easy for them to budget and identify opportunities when new technologies and promotions come along. In one case specifically; we consolidated over 300 invoices into fewer than 25 for a regional grocery chain. Let us cure this headache for you!


When there’s a problem with your technology, do you know who to contact first?

Business technology is complex and finger-pointing between vendors is all too common. When you partner with Symplicity, help is only ONE contact away. Let us take trouble-shooting off your plate so you can focus on more strategic operations.


Evaluation and Research

Identify unique business challenges, evaluate potential technologies, research success criteria.

Roadmap Creation

Develop a strategy for improving and implementing technologies for current and future business needs.


Work with client and carrier throughout provisioning and turn up to ensure a smooth transition to new services.