Meet The Team

Work with a team that truly cares about making a difference
for the people we serve, and is dedicated to helping you and your business prosper.
We’ve carefully built a friendly, highly-experienced group that
holds itself to the highest standard of integrity and urgency.
We’re listeners, investigators, and problem-solvers
who don’t mind missing sleep to get the job done right for you.

Always do the right thing, even when no one is looking.
I founded Symplicity Communications in 2007 to help people avoid misleading sales practices during telecom purchases. By bringing respect, clarity and flexibility to the process, we help clients find peace of mind in a complex market. My Midwestern values drive how I do business and select the team that makes Symplicity special. I love this industry and serve as Co-chair for Inforum Michigan’s TechnologyNEXT program for women in technology.

Catherine Lazarock

Wanting to see others succeed gets me out of bed.
After 18 years in tech, I’ve learned that success still depends on human connections. I come to work to help others achieve their goals, both clients and the people I manage. If they feel confident/proud as we get things done together, I’m doing my job. I enjoy building relationships with clients, proving my compassion with every good experience they have with me. I treat them as friends, with loyalty and urgency—but always keeping things fun.

Tracy Pryce
VP of Client Experience

I want clients to breathe easy.
There’s no sense in connecting them to technology that sounds good but doesn’t reduce headaches. I work hard to learn every aspect of their situation, making sure that the true obstacles to their business outcomes are removed as strategically as possible. Even with 16 years’ experience, I never assume I’ve seen it all. Each client is different and deserves to have their unique preferences and pain points at the center of a tech solution, not the other way around.

Brandon Burchard
VP of Strategy & Insights

Constant change keeps this industry fun.
For over 30 years, I’ve been staying on top of trends in telecom & IT, but never have things been changing as rapidly as now. I love it! All this innovation is unlocking doors for my clients. As a business owner, I understand the mindset of clients, who in their different roles are all trying to make a noticeable impact on the business. It’s fun helping different people, getting to know them, making a difference. I’m an easy-going guy, simple to talk to.

Jeff Winker
VP of Business Development

I value integrity and honesty above all else, and you will see that in every interaction.
And when you combine that with my daily goal of working to make the client’s job easier you have a win-win scenario. It’s important to me that everything I do reflects my personal values and also Symplicity’s values. So, whether it is a client or a co-worker, you are guaranteed to get my very best every time.

Mandy Drent
Administrative Coordinator

I care about how others are treated and do my very best to make every interaction I have positive.
Through open and honest communication, I strive to give unmatched customer service while being efficient and thorough. I am a go-getter who doesn’t like to sit still and am always looking for new ways to support those around me. I work hard to uphold Symplicity’s and my personal values in everything I do.

Jenna Cook
Administrative Coordinator

There’s nothing like coming through for people depending on you.
I come from a ridiculously small town where everyone knows everyone (seriously, the high school building was on a turkey farm), and I think that experience has given me a strong sense of accountability. I go out of my way to ensure that clients have a rewarding experience. My approach is, do the right thing and the money will follow (well… the bills will get paid at least – but that works for me!). I’m proud of what we do here.

Samantha Scholten
Client Coordinator

Caring about others gets you everywhere.
My husband AJ and our wonderful children keep me grounded and inspire me to be a positive force in the world. When I’m at work, I do my best to give coworkers and clients the same attention I’d give family, making sure that the faith they put in me is rewarded. I keep a close eye on their projects and work hard to ensure that they’re safe in my hands. The atmosphere at Symplicity boosts me; I’ve never worked somewhere that felt so much like family.

Britney Hayden
Client Coordinator

For a company to truly be successful, honesty must be at the core of its communication and processes.
When I work on any customer or internal project, I work hard to find the most accurate data possible to provide a complete picture. Providing honest data allows the correct decision to be made every time. That is my foremost goal every day. I make it a priority to give each customer honest information, and at Symplicity, my priority mirrors the company’s culture.

Holly Plude
Administrative Coordinator

More than two decades in the Marine Corps has taught me a proper sense of urgency.
From deploying 800-plus military personnel overseas to raising my twin daughters, I value the importance of understanding problems from the other person’s perspective. My priority is to help our clients, our vendors and my co-workers to achieve their goals.

Victor Zuniga
Project Coordinator

There’s nowhere I’d rather be.
I’m thrilled to be working alongside my amazing sister Catherine. In fact, I commute all the way from Montana to do so! …well, two weeks at a time in Michigan, the other two in Montana. No matter where I’m working from, I love the thrill of digging through carrier charges to see where we can bring bills down for clients. It’s like being a detective, knowing that my diligence will uncover where big carriers are billing wrong. There’s nothing like an “Aha!” moment.

Chrissy Anderson
Billing Specialist