Why a SMART Environment is Right For You

We are living in a golden age of technology right now. Devices and software permeate our everyday lives, from smartphones to computers in our cars to smart home devices like Alexa or Google Home. While each of these machines is useful and practical individually, the best way to enhance your daily life is to merge … Continued

How Light Affects the Brain

When it comes to our decision-making skills, there are so many different variables that can affect our brains; it’s a bit overwhelming to consider. One of the most vital and yet overlooked conditions, however, is light. We are bombarded by light rays all the time, every day, and the kind of light we’re exposed to … Continued

Can Your Business Survive a Disaster or IT Outage?

As a business owner, you need to know what to expect for your company at all times. However, while chances are that you’re ready for most situations (lackluster sales, employee problems, etc.), you might not be anticipating a disaster. Unfortunately, disaster can strike in a variety of ways; first, it could be a natural disaster … Continued

Why Corporate Data Centers are Moving to the Cloud

Sometimes, it can feel like technology is advancing at breakneck speed. Every year it seems like we create a product or service that would have been science fiction a few decades ago. One of the most transformative changes, however, has been the widespread adoption of the cloud. No longer are businesses and other entities tied … Continued

How Sure Are You That Your Data is Secure?

As the world becomes more and more dependent on technology, there is so much more data out there than ever before. Unfortunately, because we’ve adopted these new tools and systems so quickly, there has been a steep (and expensive) learning curve, particularly when it comes to security. One of the most troubling signs is that … Continued

Your Guide to MPLS

Because the internet has been around for so long, it’s easy to become numb to it after a while. We have unlimited access to the world’s information, and thanks to modern technology, this data can be sent and received immediately. At its core, that’s what the internet does – send and receive information. However, when … Continued

Contact Center as a Service – Explainers

In our previous article, we outlined the various benefits that your business could expect by incorporating a contact center as a service (CCaaS). However, if you want to understand the multiple reasons why CCaaS technology can help push your brand forward, you need to know all of its components. So, with that in mind, we … Continued

Breaking Down UCaaS: the Basics

Thanks to advances in cloud technology, it’s never been easier for businesses to operate without having to invest in complicated and expensive infrastructure. These days, companies have access to a wide array of tools “as a service.” However, as helpful and streamlined as these methods are, they can come with a lot of technical jargon. … Continued

Unified Communications as a Service

If we had to determine one of the driving causes behind innovation and modern technology, we believe that communication would be in the top spot. When you think about it, so much of our devices and systems today make it easier than ever for people to communicate. Email, smartphones, cloud networking – everything is connected. … Continued